(3 – 5 YEAR OLDS)

Having fun, connecting to each other, and doing simple breathing exercises are all part of this class. At this age, when children are sponges, we teach them simple and fun yoga poses (think barking like a St. Bernard in downward dog and meowing in cat pose). Adding features such as art, music, ecology, math, reading and more, the children have a chance to practice their social skills, connect with others as well as increasing strength, flexibility, sensory and motor skills. Must be potty trained. Parents are encouraged to leave so kids can explore independence! Class time: 45 mins


(K-2nd Grade)

Being playful and silly is a great gateway to introducing yoga to kids. Not only will kids have space for self-expression in this class, they will also strengthen their bodies, as well as their connection to mindfulness and breathing techniques. Through yoga poses, art, music and more, kids release energy and learn how to relax. Class Time: 45 mins


(3rd-5th Grade)

As children get into this age group, they will learn more about breathing and visualization and be introduced to more yoga poses that will focus on improving coordination, creating strength and increasing flexibility. While learning these techniques, they are also taught to respect their bodies and themselves as well as others. They will learn more about the importance of connection to others by playing in partner and group poses and learn more breathing techniques and about their bodies. Class Time: 45 mins


(Middle School)

Children in this age group graduate from barking in downdog and meowing in cat pose to learning more postures and sequences. More focus on awareness of self and others, and longer times in meditation and mindfulness practices. Sharing circles to discuss basic yogic philosophies and how they apply to the modern day middle schooler. Still fun games and partner poses that age-appropriate. Class Time: 1 Hour

Throughout the year we will offer kid yoga wellness and yoga workshops. Please check the website for more up to date information! 


Full-body flow where you’ll explore the yoga postures and fundamental principles of Vinyasa yoga. This class is designed for our beginner yogi’s. Each posture is broken down with thorough modeling and explanations and set to  invigorating music. This class will be a full body workout at a slow-moderate pace without heat. Class Time: 1 hour


This class is designed to open the body with gentle, slow, and traditional yoga postures and movements. It’s a combination of postures coordinated with the breath, performed at a gentle pace which allows time to be present in each pose. This is an all-level class and is suitable for just about anyone. This class will be slightly heated around 75 degrees. Class Time: 1 hour


Classical yoga asana (postures), breath work, and gentle warming movements to build strength, flexibility and relaxation. Focus on standing poses and basic seated work that is suitable for all levels. Generally a slower pace than Vinyasa yoga. This is a great class for beginners who are looking for a flow class without heat.

Level 1- beginner. Class Time: 1 hour


Inspired by the Ashtanga and Vinyasa practices, this class incorporates rhythmic movement and breath, while incorporating an awareness of proper alignment. Students are individually challenged in sun salutations, peak poses and deep stretches – all with the intention of cultivating balance in mind and body. Level 1 & 2. Appropriate for students with yoga experience or athletic and mindful beginners. Class Time: 1 hour


Power yoga class for yogi’s new to heated yoga. A full-body flow where you’ll explore the yoga postures and fundamental principles of Vinyasa yoga. Our Power I class is set to inspiring tunes, and is a foundation-building yoga class that will work every muscle through movement and breath at a moderate, but intuitive pace. Room will be heated to 85-90 degrees. Level 1 beginner. Class Time: 1 hour


Turn stress into sweat. This class strengthens, balances and detoxifies your entire body and mind as you move through more challenging postures and connected breath. Move your body with great music tracks that will keep you going. Room will be heated to 95-103 degrees. Level 2- intermediate. Class Time: 1 hour


A true blend of balance, core strengthening and flexibility, Hot Balance combines the meditative, detoxifying qualities of hot yoga with the intensity of power yoga to help you deepen your yoga practice. Set to motivating music, you’ll focus on yoga postures that open the shoulders, hips and spine while strengthening your core and upper body. The room will be heated to 95-103 degrees. All levels.

Class Time: 1 hour


Muscle meets yoga. Exhilarate metabolism and build lean muscle mass as you workout to a great music track. You’ll combine free weights with our POY Yoga Flow sequence, mixed with cardio to intensify each yoga pose while mixing in strength-training moves like squats, lunges and bicep curls. (weights provided). Room will be heated to 85-90 degrees. Level 1 & 2. 

Class Time: 1 hour


An upbeat class themed to music. This is a power flow class that will get your heart rate up. Think yoga sculpt without the weights. This dynamic and vigorous vinyasa practice connects breath and movement with uplifting world beats. You will move through a sequence of postures as you breathe and groove. This class will be heated at 85-90 degrees. Level 1 & 2. 

Class Time: 1 hour


Restorative yoga uses props to support the body so that you can hold poses for longer, allowing you to open your body through passive stretching. The postures are usually adapted from supine or seated yoga poses with the addition of blocks, bolsters, and blankets to eliminate unnecessary straining. This is a great practice to slow down and nurture your well being if you are recovering from an injury or chronic condition. You will be amazed at the benefits of this restorative yoga class from a therapeutic approach. No heat. All levels.

Class Time: 1.5 hours


Let’s dim the lights and light up the candles to find peace. This deeply relaxing class will support you in releasing tension in your body, mind & soul using asanas, meditation and breath work. This class will be heated to 85-90 degrees. All levels.

Class Time: 1 hour


Calm your mind, settle your body and find a softer focus to your day. Beginners to practicing meditators will benefit from this class. This class consists of beginning breath work and then progressing into guided mindfulness meditation. Meditation may include: Mantra meditation, guided imagery, mindfulness etc…Learn ways to integrate meditation into your daily life. Not heated. All levels. Class Time: 1 hour